Asheville Brewing Collaborates with Museum of Science on Perfect Night Black IPA

Asheville, NC —To celebrate the rare solar eclipse that will take place across America on 8/21/2017, Asheville Brewing has created a rare and special beer: Perfect Night Black IPA. Perfect Night is a tasty twist on the brewery’s beloved Perfect Day IPA. A different yeast strain and slightly different hop bill plus dark malts make … more

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North Carolina: Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company!

6 Perfect Beach Beers From the South

By Graham Averill  |  July 11, 2017 Asheville Brewing Perfect Day IPA Okay, at 6.5%, Perfect Day is hardly a beach beer, but it’s one of my favorite home town IPAs and has become so engrained in my local adventures, that I simply can’t handle a day of drinking without one or two in the mix.

Crowd gathers at Asheville Pizza and Brewing for Comey viewing party

ASHEVILLE, NC — The audience of about 50 was seated at Asheville Pizza and Brewing at 10 a.m. Thursday, eager to hear former FBI director James Comey testify. And for two-and-a-half hours, the group watched the former FBI director field questions from Democrat and Republican senators on the Intelligence Committee. “It seems to be a conversation … more

Comey Hearing Gets A Showing On The Big Screen In Asheville

Bars were opening early all across the U.S. this morning to show former FBI director James Comey’s testimony to a U.S. Senate panel.  Asheville was no different.  Asheville Brewing Company’s Merrimon Avenue location includes a movie theater with its own bar, and when it opened at 10 a.m., around 30 people filed into it to … more

Asheville Pizza and Brewing Co. to show Comey testimony

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — When former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate at 10 a.m. Thursday, many eyes will be watching. In fact, public interest is so high, many bars will be showing his testimony on their big screens. “Like CNN said, it’s kind of the Superbowl of politics right now. It’s been a … more

Asheville Brewing showing Comey testimony on the big screen

On a normal Thursday, Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company on Merrimon Avenue would screen a hit movie at noon, selling $3 tickets for films accompanied by jalapeño-spiced beer and piping hot pizza. But on June 8, the regularly scheduled noon movie, “Ghost in the Shell,” is canceled, making way for a block of political drama.

Carolina Beer Guy: Budweiser of Asheville is big on local craft brands

Some of Asheville’s most popular beers are stashed in a big, ordinary-looking warehouse in Fletcher. Cans of Asheville Brewing Co.’s Shiva IPA are in there, as are bottles of Green Man Brewing’s ESB, Catawba Brewing Co.’s White Zombie White Ale and many more. They’re all under the watch of Budweiser of Asheville, Inc., which delivers the brews to … more

Your perfect beer day in: Asheville, North Carolina

by Zach Fowle, April 4, 2017 11 a.m. Time to start drinking. Asheville Brewing Co. opens at 11 a.m. every day except Sunday, so it’s your best bet for a pre-afternoon pint downtown. The brewery’s grapefruity flagship Shiva IPA is always a solid choice, but also look out for newer releases like the Nitro Ninja … more

Asheville Brewing mixes new beers, vintage comedies

by Tony Kiss, April 4, 2017 Movies and beer have long been part of day-to-day business at Asheville Pizza and Brewing’s mothership location on Merrimon Avenue. But the brewery/discount cinema/pizzeria is giving that concept a twist in April when a new weekly series of beers will debut, each of them paired with a vintage comedy film. … more