Atlanta band Blackberry Smoke partners with Asheville Brewing Co. to produce beer

by Phil W. Hudson: The Atlanta-based Southern rock/country band Blackberry Smoke can now add beer to its portfolio. The band and Asheville, N.C.-based Asheville Brewing Co. partnered to produce a beer together in order to raise awareness and funding for their non-profit interests. A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of the beer … more

Can’t Live without Pizza and Beer? Try These 8 Brewpubs and Breweries

Asheville Brewing Co. | Asheville, NC by Kristen Kuchar:   Both locations offer a giant list of toppings, sauce options and dough choices for you to create your own pizza. They even offer a vegan cheese for all of the dairy-free pizza lovers out there (plus they have vegan appetizers and salad options). Gourmet selections … more

Asheville, N.C. beer trail: the south’s standout brewing scene

Anne Roderique-Jones, Special for USA TODAY:   Before visiting Asheville, N.C., I’d never tried — nor heard of — an APA brewed with fresh, fiery roasted jalapeño peppers. Sounds strange, sure, but it is one of the best I sample on a self-guided tour of 12 breweries in just five days. It’s no secret that Asheville is doing some … more

America’s Coolest Breweries

Asheville is a beer town, through and through. What sets ABC apart from the others is its in-house arcade and high-tech movie theater, which charges only $3 a ticket and is kid-friendly. While watching a choice of three features, which run for a week at different times, patrons sample Rocket Girl Lager, Ninja Porter, or … more

Asheville Brewing Releases 2017 Love Ninja Porter

ASHEVILLE — Love Ninja Porter’s stealthy but triumphant return will take place during the last week of December 2016. Asheville Brewing Company’s delicious treat of a beer is brewed with raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, and heaping handful of milk sugar. Again this year, the brew team sourced cacao nibs from nationally-renowned Asheville chocolatier, the French Broad … more

Top 30 Best Christmas/Winter Beers (2 years in a row!)

Asheville Brewing Co. Ninjabread Man City: Asheville, NC ABV: 5.6% The verdict: This is how you do the “Christmas cookie”-style spiced beer right—it’s all about balance of spice intensity, the underlying beer and residual sweetness. ABC knows how to make a porter already, considering that they have a whole yearly line of various “Ninjas,” which … more

Ale for All: a short history of holiday brews

BY ANNE FITTEN GLENN When Western North Carolina’s beer lovers perform their annual ritual of hunting down scarce supplies of Highland Brewing’s Cold Mountain Winter Ale at stores and bars across the region, they probably don’t realize they’re following a tradition that’s more than a thousand years old. Beers made specifically to celebrate the winter … more

Hops for the holidays: Gift ideas for Asheville beer fans

“Let’s start with beers themselves. Before buying a brew for someone, drop a few hints and get some idea of what styles your recipients might enjoy. It’s easy to stop at a local grocer and put together a six-pack or box of made-in-the-mountains beers — including maybe a few cans from Asheville Brewing, Boojum and Catawba, … more

Pizza, hold the dairy

Cory Gates, COO of Asheville Brewing Co., says his company started trying to add vegan cheese back in 1999, before there were any real options available locally. After doing a push to get the word out, people started clamoring for vegan items. “We went from selling 3 pounds of vegan cheese a week to 45-50 … more

The State of Beer

Go onward and you’ll run into Asheville Brewing (features a restaurant and known for its flagship Shiva IPA), Hi-Wire (who did a collaboration beer with Birdsong Brewery in Charlotte), and Green Man Brewery (look for traditional English-style ales at one of the state’s original breweries).