Asheville's Favorite Dine-In Theater!
let's all go to the movies! All tickets are just 3 bucks for all shows. Our theater is equiped with all the fancy digital sound and picture quality you've come to expect from the full price theaters...even 3d!
As you can imagine, tickets go quickly. Please come early for tickets (you can even buy them one day in advance). You can come yourself, send your favorite uncle Buck, or your dear old grandma, but tickets must be purchased in person. If you are planning a group of more than 2 people, we suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before movie time to ensure you can find seats together.



September 23 - September 29

Lego Movie   Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade   Nerve
Friday   4:00
Saturday   1:00, 4:00
Sunday   1:00, 4:00
Monday   4:00
Tuesday   4:00
Wednesday   4:00
Thursday   4:00
Friday   7:00
Saturday   7:00
Sunday   7:00
Monday   7:00
Tuesday   7:00
Wednesday   7:00
Thursday   7:00
Friday   10:00
Saturday   10:00
Sunday   10:00
Monday   10:00
Tuesday   10:00
Wednesday   10:00









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