Please note: Our movie experience is very unique! We have a full bar inside the theater where you can order all your food and beverages.

Unlike big chain theaters, we do not show previews and our movies start at the scheduled time!

To enjoy the full Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. experience, we suggest showing up 30 minutes prior to showtime so you can find your seats ( first come ) and place your food order before the film begins.

ALL Movie showings can be found here:

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Asheville’s Original Dine-In Theater!

DO MOVIES START EXACTLY AT THE LISTED SHOWTIME? — YES!!!  For example, if the movie time is 7:00 pm, then the movie starts right at 7:00 pm.  Unlike other theaters, we DO NOT show 10-15 minutes of movie trailers before the movie actually begins.  However, there is a 50 minute pre-show full of fun, interesting videos plus trailers for upcoming movies we’re showing.

HOW DO I PURCHASE TICKETS? — Purchase tickets online or at our Merrimon Avenue location.

WHEN SHOULD I ARRIVE FOR THE MOVIE? — Unlike other movie theaters, we don’t show a lot movie trailers before the movie starts.  Our movies begin right at the showtime we list.  We suggest y’all arrive at least 30 minutes before the showtime if you want to sit together.  Order your food and drinks early so you can get settled in before the movie starts.

IS THERE PRE-SHOW ENTERTAINMENT BEFORE THE MOVIE? — Yes!  Before every movie we show an hour-long collection of short videos, films, and cool things we’ve found on the inter-webs.  People come extra early just to watch our pre-show!  We change the content when a new movie starts so it’s always different.

CAN I BRING IN MY OWN FOOD AND BEVERAGES? — Sorry, but no.  It is strictly against North Carolina Health Codes to allow customers to bring in food and beverage that is not prepared/made at the restaurant they are visiting.  If you bring in outside food and beverage, then by law we will be forced to take it away.  Please don’t make us do that!