Triple Secret Probation IPA

India Pale Ale | ABV: 11 %

This IPA, with triple the amount of hops, quickly puts you in a party mood. The brew delivers a dangerously smooth 11% ABV. It’s a bit of a throwback in hop profile, with a peachy, piney blend of Chinook, Simcoe, and Mosaic. “It reminds me a bit of those old-style West Coast IPAs,” says head brewer Pete Langheinrich. “Triple Secret Probation has just enough sweetness to stand up to the hops, but its dry enough that it’s not in any way syrupy.” As the highest ABV hop-forward brew that Asheville Brewing has created to date, this one will only be available in half pours. Despite what Blutarsky may tell you, this is not a beer to drink heavily.

This beer was brewed in celebration of our “April Comedy Month” series of movie showings at our Merrimon Avenue location.  “Animal House” is more than a classic comedy. It is truly iconic. The movie broke rules of comedy, created new ones, and had an enormous impact on every comedy writer and director that followed. The cast is ridiculously talented with several future stars appearing in their first on-screen roles. John Belushi completed his run to stardom with this movie while also becoming the most popular poster to ever be put on a dorm room wall.  We expect to see several toga-wearing people singing “Shamma Lama Ding Dong” with Otis Day & the Knights.


Triple Secret Probation IPA is available at: