Stump Mutts Pineapple Session IPA

India Pale Ale | ABV: 5 %

Stump Mutts Session IPA, brewed with pineapple puree and a dose of milk sugar, is “a tropical punch of a beer,” says head brewer Pete Langheinrich. Perfect for summer drinking with a mild sessionable bitterness and lots of fruity notes.


About the Asheville band, The Stump Mutts

All rock, ever changing, and all original music rooted in sounds they grew up with. You’re likely to hear the shadows and echoes of wide ranging influences from… Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots, to the Stones and Lenny Kravitz, to Social Distortion and Husker Du. Neal’s distinctive lyrics have been described as a haunting growl like a “an angel caught in an electrical storm.” His vocals lay nicely over his soaring guitar tone. In contrast, Derek’s hollow body crunch couldn’t be more different in tone, yet compliments this two guitar assault. John’s punk rock bass style rounds out the front of the stage, with his smirky grin and Buddy Holly glasses. Patrick lays down a straight forward rock rhythm with plenty of space for the songs to breath on his throwback blue sparkle kit. The live show is not to be missed. High energy, in your face rock with a stage presence that will make you dizzy. Knee slides, amp stands, impromptu covers, and solos in the crowd are the norm.