Carolina Mountain Monster 2024

Imperial Stout | ABV: 10.27 %


Introducing Carolina Mountain Monster, an imperial stout that unleashes a beastly blend of flavors. Dark as the depths of a moonless night, this stout boasts a luxurious body, complemented by the sweetness of Medjool dates that dance on the palate with decadent delight.

Prepare for an aromatic adventure as fragrant cardamom tantalizes the senses, infusing each sip with an exotic allure. But that’s not all – a touch of allspice adds a subtle warmth, reminiscent of crackling fires in a mountain cabin.

With each sip, Carolina Mountain Monster reveals layers of complexity, inviting you to explore its depths. Bold, robust, and utterly irresistible, this stout is a tribute to the untamed spirit of the Carolina mountains. Embrace the monster within and savor every moment of this extraordinary brew.

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