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Carolina Mountain Monster 2017 Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout | ABV: 12.8% | IBU: 77 | SRM: 55

The Monster is back! Asheville Brewing’s annual Imperial Stout, Carolina Mountain Monster, is ready to take over our beer-soaked town after months of developing its strength. As always, Mountain Monster is a huge-bodied, dark as night beer that packs tons of flavor. In 2017, we’ve included small additions of locally roasted, cold steeped coffee and fresh vanilla beans to add extra layers of burst-in-your-mouth flavor to the existing  coffee, chocolate, and dark fruit notes. This brew is packed with unique ingredients, including Honey Malt and Gold Naked Oats from the U.K., which help maintain the sneaky drinkability of this hefty stout.

Be patient as you sip Carolina Mountain Monster, and the complex flavor profile will shine through as it warms up.

We’re releasing this Imperial Stout on Friday, May 26, on draft, in honor of Asheville Beer Week at both our Downtown and North Asheville locations. We’ll also have limited quantities of 22-ounce bottles available at all locations, including our South Asheville pick-up and delivery shop.

We’ll be releasing a small amount of 2016 vintage Carolina Mountain Monster bottles for sale at all locations. Compare last year’s cellared beer to this year’s, and let us know what you think!

ABV: 12.8% (booziest year ever), IBUs: 75+, SRM: 55+

For contrast, we’ll also release our newest, lightest brew, El Lagedor Mexican Lager, on Friday, June 2, in honor of Asheville Beer Week. Come drink the dark and the light with us!


Ninja Latte Coffee Porter

Porter | ABV: 5.6% | IBU: 26 | SRM: 25

Our latest Ninja variant is a Coffee Milk Porter. A huge addition of coffee brewed from Asheville’s Mountain Air Roasting gives this beer off the charts coffee aroma and flavor but very little bitterness. We added lactose to our award winning Ninja Porter which complements all the coffee notes with silky smooth sweetness. Order up a grande pint of Ninja Latte at all Asheville Brewing locations.

Scout Stout

Stout | ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 39 | SRM: 53

Tall. Dark. And very delicious.

One of our brewpub classics. A smooth full-bodied stout–strong in malty flavors and aroma with hints of mocha and chocolate. A very lively mouthfeel with a smooth finish. Mellow but notable hops flavors but very little hop aroma. Available intermittently.

Malts: Pale, Wheat, Crystal-40 & Munich
Hops: Centennial, Cascade

Stuntman Brown

Brown Ale | ABV: 4.7% | IBU: 30 | SRM: 6

Put some danger back in your step

This beer won’t kick you…(not hard anyway). Chocolate, roasted, and crystal malts give flavors of hazelnuts and mocha. A bit of wheat make it a light-bodied beauty that’s easy to drink and easier to fall for. Put some danger back in your step. One of our brewpub classics that’s available intermittently.

Malts: Pale, Wheat, Munich, Crystal-40, Chocolate
Hops: Mt. Hood, Tradition