Moon Water

Sour | ABV: 8 %

Unveiling Moon Water, a mystical elixir that transcends the ordinary and delves into the arcane. This bewitching sour beer, brewed under the lunar gaze, channels a secret alchemy, where succulent pears and enchanting elderflower converge in a potion that whispers ancient incantations. As you partake in this elixir, feel the mystical energies unfold on your palate. The sour notes, like hidden spells, dance alongside the juicy sweetness of pears, while the elderflower imparts a subtle, ethereal touch—a taste of the mysterious and the forbidden.

Immerse yourself in the esoteric allure of Moon Water, where every sip is a journey into the occult realms. Let the pear and elderflower blend become a conduit to the mystical, a libation that transcends the mundane and beckons you to explore the hidden depths of flavor. Moon Water Pear Elderflower Sour—a brew that invokes the magic of the unknown.