Sour | ABV: 5.1 %

Murmuration is an enchanting American Red Sour Ale that mirrors the mesmerizing spectacle of a murmuration of birds in flight. This ale blends the tartness of Montmorency cherries with the sweet allure of ripe cherries, complemented by the subtle tang of plum.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s graceful displays, Murmuration pours a luscious ruby red, inviting you to indulge in its captivating aroma of freshly harvested cherries, reminiscent of a fruitful orchard in bloom. Each sip is a journey through the skies, as the tartness gracefully dances across the palate, harmonizing with the sweet symphony of cherries, while the plum adds depth and intrigue to the composition.

With its effervescent carbonation and medium body, Murmuration delivers a refreshing experience that leaves a lasting impression, much like the sight of a murmuration of birds painting the evening sky with their synchronized movements. It’s a testament to the beauty of nature’s choreography, a celebration of flavors that come together in perfect harmony, just as the birds seamlessly navigate through the air.